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Booking Conditions

By making bookings with Speakable, you agree to these terms and conditions.



Deposits are 10% of the total course fee.

Course availability 

Every attempt will be made to place students on the course of their choice. However, we cannot guarantee a particular course and timetable until the student has taken an entry test.


Other than for specific young learner programmes our minimum age is 16 years.

Attendance and student holidays

Students are expected to attend lessons regularly and on time. Providing at least four weeks’ notice is given, students attending courses of 24 weeks or more may take a break of two weeks without losing their course fee for the period that they are absent. Students forfeit course fees if they are late, absent, or leave before the course ends. Additionally, holidays cannot be taken during exam preparation courses.

Public Holidays

Unless otherwise stated there are no classes on public holidays applicable to England. 

Code of Conduct
Speakable reserves the right to terminate enrollment without issuing a refund, where a participant’s behaviour is such that it would be unreasonable for them to continue their studies.

Special offers
Discounts cannot be applied retrospectively to existing bookings and only one discount can be applied to a booking.

Variation to fees
We usually set, and hold, our fees for a calendar year. The fee is chargeable based on the price for the course published on the website.  Please note that if you extend your course, additional weeks will be chargeable at the fee applicable on the date you extend your booking.

When tuition fees are due
For courses starting within two weeks, the full fee is due at the time of booking. An invoice will be raised and payment expected on receipt. For bookings more than eight weeks before commencement, fees, less deposit, are due six weeks before the commencement of the course.

How to Pay

All fees are stated in GBP and Euros. You may pay by card (MasterCard, Visa, or JCB)   bank transfer or PayPal after the receipt of the invoice. The invoice must be paid in full before the course starts. Please quote your name in the reference section.

We do not make any charges for payments. We are not responsible for any bank service fees; it is the responsibility of the student to cover any fees required to ensure that we receive the full student fee. 

Your right to cancel
Because we understand that plans change and that you may need to cancel or postpone your study, we have generous cancellation arrangements for most of our courses. The information below relates to tuition fees and excludes the deposit  which is always non-refundable:

  • Up until six weeks before the start of the course – full refund

  • Between five weeks and two weeks – 50% tuition refund

  • Between two weeks and the day before your course starts – 30% refund

  • If you are a no-show appointment without notice, your payment is nonrefundable

  • After course has commenced– no refund

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