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4 techniques to continue to learn English outside the classroom!

Just because you are not in the classroom, it doesn’t mean that you cannot continue to study English on your own!

There are a few techniques that will help you to improve your English skills at your own pace:

1. Mental Practice

Having conversations “in your head” is a really good technique to practise your English, you can imagine what you would say if you were talking to a taxi driver or you can go over conversations you already had and correct mistakes. Or, you can imagine yourself talking to your favourite public figure.

2. Practice with songs

A good way for practising English English “outside the class” is to listen to a song a couple of times and then write down words and expressions you think you hear. You can find the lyrics and follow them while you listen, or try to translate them.

3. Giving a speech

While experimenting with the language, you could also record yourself while giving a speech and then play it back to yourself so as to notice where you are having problems. You can then correct your speech and record it again and again.

4. Taking part in online games

This is a really good way to interact with other people and use your English skills!

Which of these techniques are you going to try?


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